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Here at VivaValet, we have passionately spent years digging into understanding the experience of aging, whether that be aging in place, or in a form of collective independent or senior living.

The Family TEAM around the holidays – a core anchor in Aging as a team sport

Caring for an aging parent is a profound and shared responsibility that can bring a family closer together, fostering a sense of unity and support even when you are living in a geographically dispersed family across the country or beyond.

Key things to keep an eye on when visiting your aging parent over Thanksgiving

We continue our series on Aging as a team sport…in this episode, we highlight some of the key things to observe collectively as a family when you come together during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Aging is a Team Sport- How Do We Play?

We recently had a VivaValet team visit to an independent living facility in Palatine, Illinois where we tested the aging as a TEAM concept in the form of play, that being, running improv comedy games with Olders.

Top 5 Conversations You Should Have With Your Senior Parents During Thanksgiving

Conversations with senior parents can provide insights into their living or any changes they may be going through. Here are top 5 topics to discuss closely.

The post-game family debrief post thanksgiving

We continue our series on Aging as a team sport…in this episode, we highlight ways to structure the family debrief after you’ve come together for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Art of Unobtrusive Care

When offering support for an Older, we at VivaValet believe in offering support that lifts and empowers. Read along the this message from our Founder, Mariam Parineh, on the art of unobtrusive care.

Bridging the Digital Divide in an Age of Technology Disruption

Explore the impact of technology on seniors and the call for inclusive design, bridging the digital gap for equitable access and dignity in the digital age.

Myth of Aging: It is scary how wrong we are about aging, and it’s making caregiving harder

Ageism is the unfounded prejudice against older people that each of us has imbibed with the culture, the expectations, the advertisements that shape our outlook. It is us feeling they are less than what they were before.

Mother’s Day: Her Unspoken Legacy

It's a day we don't just say, "I love you," but a day we show it by the willingness to witness, unjudging and undeterred, the story of a life that is, ultimately, our own.

Caring for Aging Parents: Essential Support Tips for the Adult Child

Caring for aging parents require understanding of their needs and requirements. Explore various services for elder care and set realistic goals.

Top 5 Essential Services for Independent Senior Living

The later years offer an invaluable opportunity to enjoy their time in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by the memories they’ve lovingly accumulated over decades.

How Ride Services Empower Senior Independence?

Senior independence is of utmost importance and ride services play a crucial role. Let us understand the top 8 ways ride services are empowering seniors.

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Health Care transformers, transforming the future of ageing

Women in healthcare leadership: Two women rewrite the story on aging

ERE media, Viva Valet's hiring practices

As an early-stage tech start-up in elder care, communicating our...

EMG GOLD 2023 Predictions

The outlook for the coming year is one of positivity and progress, but what key trends and themes do...

EMG GOLD Podcast 2023 predictions

Join Helena and Isabel in ringing in the new year with a special episode of The GOLD Podcast, in which five...

VivaValet - Senior Solutions for Older Adults in Chicagoland

VivaValet launches its services for Olders in west Chicago in September 2023!

VivaValet Co-Founder Jennifer Cain Birkmose on Care Captains Podcast

Join VivaValet's co-Founder, Jennifer Cain Birkmose, as she talks about how her career lead up to the founding of VivaValet. She has drawn great inspiration from the YES AND mindset of Improv Comedy to enhance how VivaValet serves their customers and care

VivaValet Expands to Cook, Dupage, Kane and Lake Counties

VivaValet is expanding its service area! After a successful pilot in Arlington Heights in 2023, VivaValet has expanded its service area to reach more Olders in our community. Read more about our plans through the blog link.

VivaValet Expand Senior Services with Launch of In-Home Tech Support

Chicago March 2, 2024 - VivaValet, a provider of personalized non-medical services, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its offerings with the introduction of In-Home Tech Help for seniors. Not your typical eldercare service, this innovative service

VivaValet Launches Partnerships with In-Home Care companies

VivaValet Partners with Senior In-Home Care Providers to Expand Non-Medical Care Services for Older Adults in Chicagoland

Research & White Papers

Commissioned research on ageing and technology use

This report discusses the changing dynamics of the aging US population and more.

UN white paper on Senior Tech literacy

The Digital Literacy roundtable, with participants from multiple countries, emphasized the increasing importance of the digital world...

UN white paper on Senior Broadband access

The Broadband Access roundtable discussed the importance of technology access as a human right, identified barriers such as...

UN White paper on Senior inclusive design

The Inclusive Design roundtable focused on the increasing role of the digital world, highlighted the experiences and challenges of participants...

Thought Leadership

Honoring Grandpa Hal, our Founder's story

The story of how Grandpa Hal’s independence inspired Mariam...

Youtube channel

On this channel, you can expect insightful interviews sharing knowledge and insights on life as an Older (how we lovingly refer to the older seniors...

The 5 critical conversations to have today with Gerontologist Susie Di Giovanna

Gerontologist Susie DiGiovanna joins Jennifer Cain Birkmose on the....