Who We Are


Who We Are

We are a passionate group of humans on a mission to help older adults live in their own homes longer. We aim to design an environment that even we would be confident growing into.  We create digital tools and services with an understanding that makes continued living at home easier and better for older adults.

Our Why

We built this company as an act of love to give more autonomy to older adults by giving them access to the parts of economies that are now reliant on technology.

We support anyone who is on the same journey with us including adult children, companies, communities and government.

We are daughters, sons, grandchildren and a value-based team.

Our Values

  • Tech-Inclusivity / Accessibility

    Tech-Inclusivity / Accessibility

  • Clarity


  • Fun


  • Integrity


  • Understanding  & Learning

    Understanding  & Learning

  • Respect & Kindness

    Respect & Kindness

If you are an older adult and chose to continue to live in your home… we are INSPIRED BY YOU EACH DAY!

If you care for an older adult, we applaud your desire to honor their choice and are here to support you in supporting them.

If you want to follow our start-up journey and dream for tomorrow, join our monthly newsletter for a candid play-by-play on what it takes to build this dream.

Our Team

Mariam Parineh


Jennifer Cain


Brett Stokar

Director of Operations

Ravi Prakash Namdeo

Technical Lead