Top 5 Essential Services for Independent Senior Living

Top 5 Essential Services for Independent Senior Living

Top 5 Essential Services for Independent Senior Living

Top 5 Essential Services for Independent Senior Living: Insight from a Region Wide Survey

For many of our seniors, the later years offer an invaluable opportunity to enjoy their time in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by the memories they’ve lovingly accumulated over decades. This has led to an emerging concept of Independent Senior Living. A recent regional survey of the Midwest conducted by (VivaValet : Trusted Services for Seniors)  has shed light on the services that are not only essential but often challenging for seniors to secure themselves, ensuring their independence and well-being.

Drawing insights from adults aged 65 and above, who have been living either alone or with a spouse in their homes for more than 32 years, the survey unveils a heartfelt reflection of their daily lives, needs, and the solutions that could make a world of difference.

1. General Handyman/Electrician/Plumber Services

An overwhelming 37% of respondents identified the need for reliable, trustworthy handymen and skilled tradespeople. This highlights a crucial aspect of senior living independently—maintaining a safe and functional home environment. Finding  handyman services for seniors who are not just experts in their field but also understand the significance of respect and patience in their interactions with older adults is paramount.

2. In-Home Technology Training

With a significant 25% of seniors pointing out the need for technological guidance, it’s clear that keeping up with the digital age is not just a matter of curiosity but necessity. From managing communication with loved ones to enjoying the vast resources available online, personalised, patient technology training can significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors.

3. Home Cleaning Services

Hygiene and cleanliness play an essential role in ensuring a healthy living environment. 23% of seniors surveyed expressed difficulties in finding dependable home cleaning services. The challenge here is not just about sparkling floors but finding a service that operates with integrity, transparency, and sensitivity towards the seniors' space and privacy.

4. Assistance with Transportation (Rides)

For 17.5% of the respondents, transportation for seniors emerged as a critical concern. The ability to move freely—not just for essentials like medical appointments but also for social engagements—stands as a significant factor in maintaining independence. The service sought is one that ensures ease or use, safety, reliability, and a personal touch, making every ride comfortable and stress-free.

5. Gardening/Snow Plowing Services

Finally, 13% of seniors find it challenging to keep up with the demanding physicality of yard maintenance. Gardening and snow plowing services not only alleviate the physical strain but also ensure that seniors can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of their outdoor spaces without the looming burden of upkeep.

Facing Fears and Building Trust

Seniors’ main concerns when seeking out these services for independent living revolve around the quality of service, fear of scams, and unpredictability in pricing. It's a delicate balance of needing assistance and protecting oneself from potential exploitation.

Tips for Vetting New Service Providers

  • Seek Recommendations: Always start with referrals from friends, family, or community members who have had direct experiences with the service provider.
  • Do Your Research: Look into the company’s background, focusing on reviews or testimonials from other senior customers.
  • Transparent Communication: Before agreeing to any service, ensure clear, upfront communication regarding costs, scope of work, and the process. Ask questions until you’re satisfied.
  • Professionalism and Empathy: Choose providers that not only demonstrate professionalism in their work but also show a genuine understanding and empathy towards the unique needs of senior citizens.

OurOlders have paved the way for us in so many aspects of life. As they transition into this independent phase of their lives, it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that their dignity, independence, and preferences are not just respected but celebrated. The right services, approached with compassion and understanding, can make all the difference, turning the challenge of daily tasks into an empowering aspect of their lives. We often think we know what OurOlders want and need, however in a similar survey conducted by of adult children with independent aging parents, the list of services Adult Children felt  are needed the most  for Independent Senior Living  were not the same as the services the seniors selected themselves. Just something to think about.