About Us

We believe in the autonomy of every individual. Empowered living in your own home, as you age, is possible  with  the effective tools and support. Too often, families  are presented two options: hire a companion or move into an assisted living facility. VivaValet is the third option. 

VivaValet designed a mobile and web app that makes it easy and safe for aging seniors to live alone, anywhere.   Anyone can request, confirm  and pay for a variety of vetted, trained, essential services instantly from anywhere.

We validate EACH service partner through a rigorous  5 step vetting process and then train each  to ensure they deliver the highest caliber of service, confidence and care. 

Our Deeply Personal Why

We built this company as an act of love to ensure continued independence for our parents and grandparents. It’s our mission to listen and design to give everyone access to the parts of economies that are now reliant on technology.

The Founding Team

Mariam Parineh


Jennifer Cain


Brett Stokar

Business Development & Launch Manager

Lilyana Latiff

Head of Technology

Marie Cascabel

Executive Assistant